Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret - Judy Blume

Title : Are You There God? It's Me Margaret
Author : Judy Blume
First Published : :1970
Publisher : Yearling

My mother said God is a nice idea. He belongs to everybody.

Margaret is a sixth grader who have to move from New York to New Jersey. She's afraid she will have trouble fitting in. But actually, she finds some best friends and even joins a secret club with three other girls, Nancy, Janie and Gretchen. She's almost twelve and encounters some typical teenage girl problems, such as boys, bras and getting her first period. And every time she feels like she faces a problem, she runs to someone who always listen. God.

I love this book. This is the second Judy Blume book I’ve read, the first one is Forever. I think this book is very girly and covers a lot of girls issues. Eventhough this is about teenage girls from the 70s who wore a special kind of belt for menstruation (I even asked my mother about this, but she didn’t know about this special belt either), I think the story is everlasting and still relevant to be read any year. For me, It’s good for girls to learn about mens-troo-ation, having a crush on boys, and friendship from a work of fiction like this.

I love Margaret’s character. She’s smart, independent and my favorite is her contemplative nature and we can still see his childish side when she talked to God.  My another favorite character from this book is Nancy. Even though she’s a miss-know-it-all and bossy, but she really makes the story. Half of Margaret’s journey in this book happens because of Nancy. Nancy is the kind of girl who obsessed to have Playmate body, handsome boyfie and wants to be the first to get her period. She even lies about it that makes Margaret really mad.

The girly talk is great. But what captivates me the most from this book is about Margaret’s quest to learn about god and religion. The fact that Margaret talks to her-version-of-god in this book is interesting because she actually doesn’t practice any religion. Her father doesn’t even believe in God. When her teacher gives her class a final project, Margaret choose to learn more about religion as her assignment. She tries to go to church, goes to the Jewish temple on Rosh Hashanah and even attends a Confession.  Apparently religion does not work quiet well on Margaret and until the end of the story she can’t decide which religion she wants to practice. Even so, she still talks to God. Every single time Margaret talks to god is the best part of this story for me.

I recommend this book for everyone because it’s such a joy to read. If you’re a parent, I think you can learn something about your teenage girl from this book. Happy reading!

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