Frankenstein - Mary Shelley

Title : Frankenstein

Author : Mary Shelley Wollstonecraft

Page :336
First Published : 1818 
Publisher : Penguin Books

In 2014 I have a mission to read more classic books in English. I have read some in Bahasa but now I want to increase the stake and challenge myself more. But since reading classic in English itself is a challenge due to the unfamiliar vocabs and narrations used, I decided to re-read books that I have read in Bahasa. I think it will help me understand the whole story even though the words are ridiculously difficult. So I have chosen to read Frankenstein again, but now, in the original language. I have read the translated version years ago but somehow I still love it and remember the whole plot. It’s also pretty thin so I guess it would be perfect to be the starter for my mission.

And thank God I have chosen to read a book that I’ve already known because there were a lot of difficult vocabs that really set me back in the reading process. While reading the book, I took a note of the unfamiliar vocabs and there were 200 of them! Dear God, I could make a totally new flash fiction out of those words! Anyway, this is the review of Frankenstein that has always been one of my favourite book since I was a child.

Victor Frankenstein was a scientist who researched about the mystery of death and tried to bring back life out of death. But when he actually succeed created a living creature, he was terrified for what he created looked like a monster.  He ran away back to his hometown and leaving his creation. But what Frankenstein didn’t know was the monster was looking for him to seek revenge because Frankenstein as his creator abandoned him that the pity monster had to undergo a lot of misfortune for having ugly feature, being alone and experienced hatred from every human being he met. The monster wanted to make Frankenstein’s life miserable by hurting his family and friends. It was not difficult since the moncter was very strong and capable of such evil. Frankenstein tried to do everything to save his life and his beloved ones from the vengeful monster.

This book was started with a letter from Walton to his sister, Margareth Saville. Walton actually had nothing to do with Frankenstein’s life except he was the one who found Frankenstein oscillated in the middle of the sea on the way to North Pole. At first I didn’t really like how the story started with Walton’s letter since it wan’t really straight forward to the story. But after reading this book til the end, I finally figured out why Mary Shelley started this story with Walton’s letter. It’s actually a pretty great writing technique to make a story with the first person point of view but in the end there’s something going to happen with the main character.

I find this book very mesmerizing. Even though there are a lot of words that I didn’t understand since it was published in 1818, I still enjoy the story. I feel bad for the monster. He didn’t even have a name. He was just like a baby that was abandoned by his parents and had no idea about anything in this world. When he told his sad tale to Frankenstein about how he tried to befriend human but he ended up scared the humans was really devastating. When he said he was lonely, I can feel the loneliness. The scene When he asked Frankenstein to create another creature like him,  a woman creature, was totally sad. And when Frankenstein said no to his request, it was very reasonable for him to be mad. It’s funny how I feel the monster’s feeling is more relatable to me.

The popular culture often use the name Frankenstein to refer to the monster, which is completely wrong because Frankenstein was the scientist who created the monster. The monster was unnamed. Read this book and don’t make the same mistake. Anyhow, I really suggest you to read this book if you want to start reading classic. The story’s simple but touching in the same time. If you want to be a writer, I suggest you read this book. Mary Shelley’s technique to give a reasonable explanation of action for every reaction, and how she revealed facts one by one in every chapter is really a an amzingly valuable lesson for writers.

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