The Wedding - Nicholas Sparks

 Title : The Wedding
Author : Nicholas Sparks
Publisher : Vision
First Published : 2003

I never thought I would read this book! I’m never into this kind of theme. At first sight, the title pretty much tells everything. Wedding? Marriage life? Not a fan. But because this is Nicholas sparks’ book, I have to read it anyway.

THE WEDDING tells  a story about Wilson, the son in law of Allie and Noah Calhoun (yeah, that Allie and Noah from The Notebook), who feels that love has gone away from his marriage with his wife, Jane (the daughter of Allie and Noah). Wilson tries to bring love back to his marriage with Noah’s guide as an example.

This book basically is a follow up of The Notebook in the time when Allie had died and Noah spent his old days in a facility for elder. Wilson visited Noah a lot to ask for advices about love and marriage.   Because this book insert a lot of reference from The Notebook, it’s hard not to bring up the lovely Allie and Noah in this review. Wilson is not anyehere near Noah. He’s not special, he’s too ordinary to be loved as a character, he’s not romantic and I think he’s a bit stupid. But that’s also the sweet part about Wilson. It’s what made him human. Unlike Noah, Wilson is someone we can easily find among us. His awkwardness, the way he can’t express his own feelings even to his loved one, his personal burden...  even though I don’t feel any vibe when I read about Wilson, I still find his character is very relatable with most of the real people.

The Wedding is a simple love story that you can find in anyone’s life. It actually can give insight for people who struggle with love slowly disappears from their marriage. Love doesn’t stay the same. Love vanishes, changes, grows, or even dies. Love is a full time struggle and we have to fight for it to stay in our life.  As usual, Nicholas Sparks always give good point of view about love and that’s what I love the most from his book.

Even though this is not Sparks masterpiece and it’s not as romantic as another Sparks’ book, don’t worry, his diction, his every single word will still hypnotize you and keep you mesmerized. Nicholas Sparks never fails to impress me even with this elder-married-couple-who-got-bored-with-each-other theme.  And another good thing from this book is the ending! (SPOILER ALERT. STOP READING OR JUST GO STRAIGHT TO THE LAST PARAGRAPH IF YOU DONT WANT ME TO SPOIL THE STORY FOR YOU J)

 It’s happy ending, yeaay! Nicholas Sparks is well known for his unpredictable, sad and heart-breaking ending. But this time, in The Wedding, he made a super sweet ending and I was glad with that.

In conclusion, this book is good but definitely not Nicholas Sparks’ masterpiece. Personally I’m not into this book only because of the marriage theme, but if you don’t mind  with that kind of topic, The Wedding  will be a good book for you.  I still recommend this book but just don’t expect too much.

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