Septimus Heap #1 : Magyk - Angie Sage

Title : Magyk (Septimus Heap #1)
Author : Angie Sage
First Published : 2005
Publisher : Harper Collins
Pages : 564


OMG, I can’t believe this book has been sitting in my self since freakin 2011! I remember bought three book of the series due to the huge discounts and just kept it among  my book piles ever since. As a Potterhead, I just couldn’t move on from the magical world of Harry Potter and I had this unreasonable fear that other books with magical setting would only disappoint me. However, I also missed the thrill of going into a fantasy world with touches of magics in it. So I decided to give this book a try and turned out... I loved it! This book is anything but disappointing.  I’m even reading the second book of this series right now.


Things have a habit of working out, you know. Eventually.

Magyk is the first book of the Septimus Heap series. The story started ten years ago when Silas Heap found a baby girl lying in the forest when he was walking home. Silas decided to take the baby with him. Meanwhile, in the Heap family’s home, Sarah Heap was delivering her new baby boy, Septimus Heap, the seventh son of the seventh son. But poor Septimus was dead and the midwife took the dead baby with her. Even though they were devastated with the death of their new born, Silas and Sarah decided to adopt the baby girl and took care of her as her own daughter. They named her Jenna. In the same time, the Heaps heard the news that the Queen had been killed and her daughter, the baby princess, is missing. Looking at Jenna, the Heaps knew that she was the baby princess.

Ten years later, The Hunter, under the command of Dom Daniel, the Darke Necromancer,  is searching for the missing Princess. Dom Daniel wants to kill Jenna to bring his ambition of power into reality. Marcia Overstrand, the Extra Ordinary Wizard, warns the Heaps and immediately take Jenna under her protection. While trying to run and hide from Dom Daniel with Jenna, Marcia sees Boy 412, a member of the Young Army, collapses on the snow. She saves him, but boy 412—with the doctrines of the Young Army in his mind that all Wizards are bad—thinks that he’s being kidnapped. He even tries to give them away to the Hunters.

But in their hideout at Aunt Zelda’s cottage, Boy 412 starts to warm up to Jenna. Silas, Marcia, Jenna and Aunt Zelda’s kindness touches his heart. He also finds out something about Magyk and also about himself. He even changes side and starts to back up Jenna. Even though things may seem better, Dom Daniel’s army keep pursuing Jenna. Now, it’s not only The Hunter who chases Jenna, but also the Apprentice of Dom Daniel, Septimus Heap. While trying to save Jenna’s life, the Heaps also finds out the secret about their dead baby boy.

Well, I suggest you sleep on it," said Aunt Zelda sensibly. "Things always look better in the morning.

I really really like this book. It’s light, the fantasy world is quite nice, I like the description of the magical world the Heaps live in.  However, I  still don’t understand about Dom Daniel’s main purpose to kill Jenna. I mean, Jenna is an ordinary girl without a magical power, why Dom Daniel has to go through a lot to banish her from this world. If he wants power, well, he has basically had it. The throne has been vacant for ten years since the Queen’s death and it’s under full control of the Supreme Custodian, which is Dom Daniel’s follower. And judging from Jenna’s relationship with the Heaps, she’s not going to let go of his new family for the world. So, why is it so important to kill the Princess? But I guess I just have to read the next books and maybe I will find the answer.

The dialogue is awesome. It’s funny and charming. It’s like every single character has their own voice and I could easily recognize who’s talking. The protagonist characters are great and strong and very relatable. My absolute favorite is Marcia. She’s fierce and calm and exceptionally brave. But I haven't really connected with the antagonist. Dom Daniel is a powerful Extra Ordinary Wizard and Darke Necromancer, and since he’s a practitioner of Darke Magic, I think I should be afraid of him. But I didn’t. For a very powerful wizard, he’s lack of charisma, and the lack of reason in his action makes his character feels too weak to be a villain. But again, maybe it’s  because it’s only the first book. Dom Daniel’s just literally come back from his death, so perhaps he’s not in his full power.

The funny thing is, even though the title of this series is Septimus Heap, in this first book, this boy is barely appeared. Aside from the main plot of saving Jenna, we will also embark on a journey of discovering Septimus identity. Wait, wasn’t he dead? Well, the title of this book pretty much tells everything. I mean, why would Angie Sage make a dead boy the title of a book? So, I bet you will have a totally exciting experience of guessing what the fate of Septimus is just like I did. I knew all along what happened to Septimus, but then there’s a twist and I second guessed my self, then came another twist. OMG, it’s really cool to read a book that keeps me asking and asking.

Overall, Magyk is a very magical book. This book really tickled my curiosity and I just couldn’t stop reading. If you love book about magic, I bet dollar to doughnut, you’re going to love this book too. This first book has a lot of room for the story to develop and to have more surprises for the next one. I do hope I can soon find the answer for my questions above, so now, I’m off to continue reading the second book. Happy reading :)

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