Septimus Heap #2 : Flyte - Angie Sage

 Title : Flyte (Septimus Heap #2)
Author : Angie Sage
First Published : 2007
Publisher : Harper Collins
Pages :521

Fly Free With Me

Septimus now is an apprentice of the  Extra Ordinary Wizard, Marcia Overstrand. He learns a lot of things about Magyk and seems very good with it. Now he has a family and he has a name and not just a number. He also can spend a lot of time with Jenna who now lives as the Princess in the Castle. Dom Daniel’ s just a history which makes Jenna’s life safer. Perfect life for Septimus? Not so much.

Marcia is haunted by a Darke Shadow which follows her everywhere and seems getting stronger day by day. While trying to help Marcia getting rid of the shadow, someone comes to the Castle and kidnap Jenna. Someone familiar. He’s Simon Heap, Septimus oldest brother. Septimus saw with his own pair of eyes how Simon took Jenna away on his horse. But when Septimus reports this problem to his parents and Marcia, no one seems to believe him that Simon is kidnapping his own sister. But Septimus knows what he saw and he’s going to save Jenna no matter what. So Septimus embarks on his own journey to get Jenna back with the help of Nicko, the only one who believes him.

But Simon is not so easy to beat and he’s definitely not the old oldest brother the Heaps used to know. With the ancient Darke magyk, Flyte, in Simon’s possession, he terrorizes Septimus and Jenna. In this journey, Septimus finds out about the secret of Simon’s new power and what kind of Darke business Simon involves with.


Wasn't that always the way with The Heaps? They were nothing but trouble.

I love this book even more than the first one. I think the strength of this series lies in the enthralling characterizations and the exciting adventures. There’s more feeling in the story and the characters are getting stronger. Now that the villain is in the family, the relationship between the character become more complex. I loved to see how Sarah Heap was torn between trusting Septimus or Simon. It must be hard for her to see her own Son fighting against each other.

It’s also fun to see all the minor character in the first book get their own chance to shine in this second book and also strenghten the plot in the same time. We can see Nurse Meredith, Merrin and also the Stanley the Secret Rat Service played their role in this book. But it’s a shame that in this book Marcia doesn’t have a lot of important scene. So in this book, my favourite character goes to Jenna. Wow, she’s fierce. I love it that even though she’s a princess, she is not the typical damsel in distress who can only wait around to be saved. The fact that she saved herself was a nice point for Jenna character. Septimus is also very lovable. He seems more mature than himself in the first book but he still has his childish behavior which is cute.

I really didn’t see it coming that Simon’s going to be the villain in this story. I liked how Septimus, Jenna and Nicko handled Simon’s action. But I didn’t really like Simon. It seem so easy for him to just killl and hurt his family without much thoughts. I could understand if he hated Septimus because he felt that Septimus took everything he ever wanted. But I deeply loathed his behavior to Jenna. Simon spent freakin ten years of his life with Jenna and he loved her but suddenly he could act so rude to her, without any guilty feeling. I just couldn’t relate to what he felt. If there was a sign of guilt in Simon’s action of hurting his siblings, I might symphatised with him more easily.

The art of Flyte is not a taxi service

My opinion about Dom Daniel being too weak haven’t changed after reading this second book. He’s definitely weak. I mean, when in the end Septimus and Marcia finally beat him once again, I was like, that’s it? That’s all I got from the powerful Darke Necromancer? I do hope something more frightening from Dom Daniel in the next book.

So there’s things I like and things I didn’t in this book but I still think this book deserves five out of five stars because of the intersting story development, unexpected surprises and hillarious jokes through out this book. But now that I’m going to read the third book, I really really hope the villain will be more challenging and the battle becomes more difficult. I would love to see how Septimus power developing and how he will kick some Darke ass. Happy reading!:)

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