Septimus Heap #3 : Physik - Angie Sage

 Title : Septimus Heap #3 : Physik
Author : Angie Sage
Publisher : Katherine Tegen Books
 First Published : 2007
Pages : 545

A little belief in something always helps

In the third book of Septimus Heap series, Septimus is interested in learning about Alchemie and Physik from a book written by Marcellus Pye the Alchemist, much to Marcia’s dismay. In the same time, Silas accidentaly Unseals the ghost of Queen Etheldredda who ruled the kingdom 500 years ago. Now that she’s free, The Old Queen ghost conspires a plot to get the Kingdom back. He haunts Jenna and sets her up to send Septimus back to 500 years ago so that Septimus can be the apprentice of Marcellus Pye and helps him make a concoction to make Etheldredda immortal. Septimus is needed because the concoction can only be made with the help from the seventh son of the seventh son.

Jenna feels guilty for making Septimus went five hundred years away. With the help from Nicko and Spit Fyre, now it’s Jenna’s turn to save Septimus and bring him back to their own Time. But it’s not gonna be easy because Queen Etheldredda the Awfull will make sure that nothing’s going to get in her way to reclaim her throne.

My Review
This is it. This is what I’ve been waiting for since the first book, a villain that really threatens the life and scare the crap of our protagonists! Queen Etheldredda is way more frightening than Dom Daniel. Even though she is a ghost, her mere existence gives creep for everyone around her. And by the way, DomDaniel and Simon doesn’t appear in this installment. I thought this series is going to be like Harry Potter where the main characters have to battle the same evil throughout the series. But I don’t mind who the bad guy is as long as that person can give me enough chill.

Actually, I prefer the first two books than this one. I loved seeing Septimus and Jenna on a quest together and this is something this book didn’t give me. They were only together for the few last chapters and I felt like missing something big because of it. I also felt that this book focused too much on Jenna and Septimus did very little to help himself.

But storywise, Physik is much much more attractive than the first two. Queen Etheldredda really steps up this book’s game. It’s really scary to see Marcia and Alther feeling helpless and can think of nothing to help Septimus and then Spit Fyre’s just being Spit Fyre which is not helpful at all. But anyway, I love Spit Fyre, he reminds me of my dearly departed dog. Every time I tried to take him walking, he was like, let me eat my breakfast first... okay I’m ready, oh wait, I think I’m going to need my lunch right now... now I’m absolutely ready, but I think you should give me my second lunch right now just in case. I couldn’t stop laughing every time Spit Fyre appears. With time travelling, a real life alchemist and scary ghost on the loose, the plot really gets more interesting.

Last but not least, now I know who’s my favorite character in this series. Nicko! It’s Nicko! My goodness, I hope I will see him more in the next book. He’s always there to help Septimus and Jenna. He’s never doubt his siblings no matter how absurd their conditions are. I also love Snorri, the new character in this series, she is fierce and there’s nothing more appealing to me than an addition of a stong heroine.

This book is just as good as the first two books, but I gave it four stars on Goodreads instead of five. Don’t get me wrong. I really really loved this book and the story development did grow better. But there are things that I think needs more explanation, such as Snorri’s role in this story. She has a nice super power but it seems that she hasn’t done anything important and just appears in the story to be Nicko’s love interest. I also couldn’t find why Marcia doesn’t like Alchemie and Physik and forbids Septimus from reading Marcellus Pye’s book. But I will still recommend you to keep reading this book and also the next book of the series because it’s just that good. And I really can’t wait to grab the fourth book and see what happen to Nicko. Oh My God, I think I have a crush on him!

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