[Book Review] Promposal - Rhonda Helms

Title : Promposal
Author : Rhonda Helms
Publisher : Simon Pulse
First Published : 2015
Keywords : Prom, High School, Secret Crush, Romance

I was ridiculously in love with my best guy friend

The end of the school year is coming and the seniors are getting ready for prom. Camilla never wants a romantic, bombastic promposal. She just wants to go the prom with her long time crush, Benjamin. But out of nowhere, Zach asks her to be his date to the prom in the most spectacular promposal ever, with beautiful flowers, supporting friends, a nice suit and also TV crew! Camiilla is pressured to accept Zach’s offer because she doesn’t want to be declared as the biggest jerk in school for turning down such romantic promposal. Camilla doesn’t even know Zach but now she has to go to prom with this stranger. And there goes her dream to go with the boy she likes.

And someday, it wouldn't hurt as much as it did right now

Prom plans doesn’t go smoothly either for Joshua, Camilla’s best friend. Joshua harbors a crush to his best friend, Ethan. One day, Ethan asks Joshua out and he acts really strange. Joshua wonders if Ethan’s going to ask him to go to prom together. But, it’s just yet another wishful thinking for Joshua. Instead of doing what Joshua wants, Ethan asks Joshua’s help to craft a perfect promposal for Noah, Ethan’s super perfect crush. Not wanting to destroy their friendship, Joshua decides to help Ethan and bury his own feeling for him.
However, Camilla and Joshua are not the type of person who just sits around and give up when it comes to love. They try to confront their fear and confess to their loved ones about what they really feel. But it’s never easy to deal with feelings, so they take a really huge risk doing that. Their confession might make it or break it. They finally decide to put everything on the line to have the kind of prom they always wish for.

Nothing is more flattering than feeling like someone gets you

Reading this book reminds me of my own Formal back in college. I waited and prayed and hoped for my crush to ask me to be his dance partner. But guess what, he asked someone else and left me completely.alone.in.the.dark. We spent years studying together, doing assignment and even went to the movies as a so-called couple. But when I wanted him to dance with me in our Formal, he acted like I didn’t exist.  Such a jerk. Little did he know that I was the Maddie Ziegler of Ballroom Waltz .
Okay, enough with my story and let’s go back to the review. This story is narrated by both Camilla and Joshua through the alternating chapters. I always love alternating chapters because I feel like I can recognize all the main characters personally, but I think in this book, Camilla and Joshua sound a bit too alike.

God, that guy was driving me nuts! Looking at me, not looking at me. Talking to me, then not talking to me.

 Both Camilla and Joshua have cute love story that I believe will be very relate-able to most people. You know, harboring secret crush to our own best friend, secretly admiring someone from our class, well, it’s basically the story of my life. I love the whole romance in this book. It was sweet even though for me, every thing was predictable.
I don’t love both Joshua and Camilla. I think they’re both too ordinary as a character. At some point, it’s good to create a character that looks like someone we can easily find in our school. But I don’t find anything special with Joshua and Camilla that can make me remember them after finishing this book. I could easily sympathized with them, though. I mean, longing for someone you can never have.... Life is tough, huh. And their ways of handling problems are really mature and make me respect them even more. Oh, by the way, Benjamin seems like a very interesting person. No wonder Camilla’s head over heels for him.

sometimes, there are reasons people stay silent about feelings

Overall, there’s nothing unexpected in this book. I’ve guessed everything correctly from the get go. But really, I don’t care. I enjoyed the plot and the characters were charming. I recommend this book for anyone who needs a light reading or simply wants to reminisce the bittersweet of prom and high school.

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