October Blogging Plan

These past few months I barely had time to read let alone reviewing books. But in the midst of my cray cray schedule, I managed to read some interesting books. And since October has been my salvation since always, I will finally have all the time in the world to go back book-blogging. Yeay to me!

So here's the list of the books I've read in the past couple of months.  The complete reviews will be available in the next two or three days.

1. The New Normal -Ashley Little

2. All I Ever Wanted - Kristan Higgins

 3. Inferno - Dan Brown

4. Because You'll Never Meet Me - Leah Thomas

5. Landline - Rainbow Rowell

6. The Vampire Diaries 1 & 2 - L.J. Smith


Yes, because I want to enlarge my cup of tea, I even read vampire novels now.


Another good news. Three books I've been dying to read finally came into my possession. Yeay to me again!

1. Sita's Sister - Kavita Kane

Because I love Karna's Wife oh-so-much, I looked for other books written by Kavita Kane and without further thoughts, I clicked my mouse and had this book shipped to my home right away.

2. The Land of Stories - Beyond The Kingdom - Chris Colfer

This is my favorite series right now, and I waited for so long for this book to be published. I think I'm going to reread the whole series before reading this one so that I can get into the mood.

3. Love, Fortunes and Other Disasters - Kimberly Karalius

It has pretty cover and I fell in love with this book since the first time I laid my sight on it in Books and Beyond.

So there's my blogging plan for October. Hopefully next month I can read and review  more books. I really need to catch up on my reading.


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