The Secret of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel #1 The Alchemyst - Michael Scott


Title: The Secret of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel #1 The Alchemyst
Author : Michael Scott 
First Published : 2007
Publisher : Delacorte Press
Page : 390

To remain unknown in this modern world, that, indeed, is real power

Finally, I finished the first installment in The Secret of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. I am always intrigued by this book, but I have to admit that this is a difficult book to start. I found it hard to be immersed in the story and somehow I always stopped reading before the tenth chapter. But after the third or fourth time rereading from the beginning and forcing myself to keep reading, I managed to finish it and my, I was completely captivated. This book is charming and simply genius.

The story begins with the twin, Sophie and Josh Newman. Josh works in a book store for Nick and Perry Flemming, a quirky yet nice middle aged couple. Sophie works in a coffee shop just across the street and one day, she finds strange creatures raiding the book store where her brother works. She comes to rescue her brother and from that moment on, Sophie’s and Josh’s life take a very crazy turn.
They find out that Josh’s bosses are non other than the legendary Alchemist, Nicholas Flamel and his wife, Perenelle. They find it hard to apprehend that those people are ancient and have been guarding a book that contains the secret of the world and the key to immortality. And those surprises are diminutive compared to what lies ahead for them. They were coming to the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, they are trapped in a battle that has been lasting for centuries and there is no way out.

Then you are still human, Nicholas Flamel. The day you stop caring is the day you become like Dee and his kind

What I love the most from this book is the fact that I “know” all the characters in this book. Except for Sophie and Josh, all the characters come from history or mythology. From the legendary Dr. John Dee, Scatatch the Scottish Warrior, the Morrigan, until the mysterious Hekate and of course the Alchemist himself. Since I am a big fan of legend, mythology and all that jazz, seeing these characters blend together is like getting a birthday treat.

I think I am in love with all the ladies in this book, especially Perenelle and Scatatch. I love to read how powerful Perenelle is. Even though she is miles away and physically trapped, she still manages to help his husband surreptitiously. And Scatatch, god, the way the writer describe Scatatch is just asphyxiating in a good way. She’s strong, knowledgeable and she’s killin it! She is simply my favorite character in this book, possibly in the series. Sophie seems cool too. But she is unconscious in half of the book, so I’d love to see more of her.

But the ones that keep the story moving is the relation between Josh and Flamel. Josh finds Flamel eagerness in edifying the twins with magic very weird. Flamel is very mysterious indeed and I love to see how Josh is the only one who thinks Flamel’s purpose ostensible. A little intrigue in the protagonist group is always interesting and Josh serves that purpose really well. 

I love it. I just love it. And even though I didn’t enjoy it at first, the story became really addictive in the middle. By the time this review is written, I have reached the 25th chapter of the second installment. This series engulfs me with so much feeling I can’t stop reading. Definitely a must have for all fantasy enthusiasts. 

There is no shame in fear

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